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Please do NOT buy a dog from a pet store. Research the breed and buy your dog from a responsible breeder who you have interviewed thoroughly and/or visited.

You should expect a responsible breeder to set the puppy’s ears, have AKC registered dogs, and mentor the new owners.

For a breeder in your area, please search the USKBTC’s member directory. You will be able to search for a breeder in your city or state. On the same page under ” Service- Specific Searches” in the member directory, you can search for a member who has puppies available. In addition to that, there is a Puppy and Litter Information page that lists a few of the specific litters available. To learn more about a specific breeder, explore the breeder’s directory listing.

Take the time to learn more about the Kerry Blue Terrier by exploring this web site. Learn about the characteristics of Kerries, and what it’s like living with them. Learn about health issues related to Kerries. We at the USKBTC believe that the best Kerry owner is an informed Kerry owner.


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