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Coping with Allergic Responses in Kerries
by Marilyn Brotherton

Are you one of the many owners who are attempting to cope with apparent allergic responses in your Kerry? Today, there are high numbers of dogs with allergies and gastro-intestinal problems, and our Kerries are not immune to these now commonly seen health issues.

There are some things you must pay attention to starting now!

1. Stop giving any edibles that contain wheat. This includes dog biscuits, toast crusts, shared sandwiches, etc., as well as dog foods. Snacks can be raw carrots, or you can buy rice flour and make your own biscuits without wheat flour.

2. Avoid dog foods that also contain Glutens or Brewers Yeast. Wheat, Glutens, and Brewers Yeast are the highest allergens for dogs with a weakened auto-immune system.

3. Do not have any shots for at least 6 months after you begin to rebuild the immune system. The shots further aggravate a weak system.

4. Avoid stressful situations.

5. Don’t bathe the dog frequently in the hope of relieving the itch. Baths increase itching as a rule.

6. Find a food based on animal protein–not a grain protein. A complete amino acid profile is found only in milk, meat, eggs, fish, and cheese. The grain proteins have incomplete amino acid profiles and do not support the immune system well because of the 8 missing essential amino acids. Most dog foods rely on grain protein, with only a smattering of animal protein. The food should also be free of chemicals, dyes, fillers, and artificial preservatives. I recommend Abady Maintenance & Stress formula. Abady contact Carol Tobler at 845-473-1900, or me at 204-864-2556.

7. Add a hard boiled egg to the diet daily, as well as about 4 oz. raw beef. (If you are afraid of hamburger, buy some steak or cheap roast, cut it into cubes, and freeze it.)

8. I also recommend a double dose of a vitamin/mineral supplement that contains goodly amounts of the missing amino acids for 30 days, and continuing for another 60 days of the regular recommended amount.One supplement that I use for dogs with problems is the Nutravet Provitabs.

Kerries with the red bellies and the itchy ears are on the verge of more trouble if you don’t take the steps now to improve their health.It takes 3 to 6 months to rebuild cell structure in the body. So start now!


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