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(The information below was first viewed on the USKBTC Elist in September 2004 and is posted here with persmission of the author, Jane Eno.)

Congratulations to all the 2003 First & Foremost Point Winners

! Every year the magazine Front and Finish tallies up all the best of the best from the Open and Utility classes in Obedience. Your dog is awarded points not on ribbons won, but rather based on your score.

For the 2003 a huge number of kerries won points! I’m so impressed!

Here’s the tally:

Wedgewood Blue Max UD NA
Owner: C. Oddi, 56 Points

Tantara’s Cosmic Phoenix CD
Owner: E.Gansfuss, 56 Points

Tantara’s Honky Tonk Girl CD MX MXJ
Owner: E Fishell, 12 Points

Kilmarley Toplady CDX
Owner: M.Steinman, 11 Points

Make Me Smile Jack CD
Owner: B Catalano/F Catalano, 10 Points

Garryowen’s Smarty Pants CDX
Owner: V. Barishek, 4 Points

Primrose Jessie James UD
Owner: J. Eno, 4 Points

Gemstone’s Secret Emissary CDX
Owner:S Bailey, 2 Points

CH Kailey’s Irish Queen CDX OA NAJ
Owner: J Bacon, 2 Points

That’s a lot of kerries qualifying in Open and Utility. We better watch out, or our secret will be public and kerries will be declaired the new “obedience breed”, LOL.

Here’s the way they figure the points:

First and Foremost® Point Table

Dog’s Score / Points Earned

  • 200 / 8
  • 198 – 199.5 / 7
  • 195 – 197.5 / 6
  • 190 – 194.5 / 5
  • 185 – 189.5 / 4
  • 180 – 184.5 / 3
  • 175 – 179.5 / 2
  • 170 – 174.5 / 1

Congratulations again!

Jane Eno


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