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For many years the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club and its historian has been receiving and storing interesting archival materials relating to the Kerry Blue Terrier. This material is being used to build the Kerry Blue Terrier History site which will be available for viewing by anyone interested in the Kerry Blue Terrier worldwide who has access to a computer.


I would like to thank the USKBTC Board of Directors and the Charitable Funds Board of Directors past and present for the opportunity to work on this important project of protecting the history of our breed. Without their foresight and support this site would not have happened. It has been said that you don’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been and this holds true when it comes to the Kerry Blue Terrier.  It is with this in mind that the Board of Directors of the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club Charitable Funds, who underwrote the project, and the Board of Directors of the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club made the decision to embark on the creation of a dedicated Kerry Blue Terrier Historical web site.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Carl Ashby, USKBTC Treasurer and past AKC Board of Directors member and Tom Rogers, past USKBTC and USKBTC Charitable Funds President for their support and dedication to the project from the very beginning. We are grateful to Fern Rogers for safeguarding the very large Titcomb collection.  I would like to express my thanks to Terry Johnson for setting up our computer program and scanner.  Also to my wife Barb, who along with me scanned all the material that is contained on this site. And last but not least to all the Kerry Blue Terrier fanciers who gave us access to their collections or donated them to the USKBTC.

The materials that you will be able to access was copied as it was obtained in its original form with no changes except to add page numbers and names when we were able to identify them. This site is an ongoing project and will be updated as time permits.

We hope that everyone who comes to the Kerry Blue Terrier History site will enjoy all the pictures, articles and information contained therein.

Robert Beuter
USKBTC Historian


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