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The Top Ten Reasons For Showing Your Kerry In Obedience
by Lisa Frankland

This list first appeared in the January/February 1994 issue of Kerry Klips,
the newsletter for the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Southern CA.

* 10. Getting ranked in the Delaney System is a heck of a lot easier than getting a ranking in either the Knight or Terrier Type Systems.* 9. With enough preparation and a little luck (Okay, *a lot* of luck in Utility!), you can be reasonably assured of earning that CD, CDX, or UD in just three shows.

* 8. The judge will not hold it against you if your dog has ears that fly, or is late clearing, or had a little too much hair taken off the left hind leg, or….

* 7. Imagine going to a show without having to lug a grooming table or a tack box.

* 6. An obedience title certificate is a good way to prove to your mailman, father-in-law, etc. that the whirling dervish with the squeaky toy in his mouth *really does* know how to behave!

* 5. You can earn a title without having to beat a single dog (or bitch!); furthermore, it doesn’t matter if the judge wouldn’t know a Kerry if he saw one, as long as he can count past 169 1/2.

* 4. Conformation dogs can only earn one title; obedience dogs can earn up to five (CD,CDX, UD, UDX, OTCh), not to mention tracking and agility titles.

* 3. The “toys” aren’t limited to brushes and show leads.

* 2. You can demonstrate that your Kerry not only has eyes, but a brain (and a good one!) under all that hair.

* 1. IT’S FUN!


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