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This section includes those writings that focus in detail on the Kerry Blue Terrier and serve, as the title implies, as standard reference books. Some do not exclusively address the Kerry Blue, however they contain extensive sections on the breed, and are considered to be a significant resource. Some are quite old and may contain information that is dated, however they remain a valuable source of continuity and breed history.

Bob Nazak

The Popular Kerry Blue Terrier

Clarke, Egerton.
Popular Dogs Publishing Company, Ltd, c1928
65b, Long Achre, London, W.C.2.

Egerton Clarke of Narcunda Kennels wrote the “Popular Kerry Blue Terrier”, with a forward by the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Kenmare. Illustrations by Hay Hutchison. Published by Popular Dogs Publishing Company Ltd. in England in the 1920's. There is no publishing date in the book, but advertising for The Bog Kennels on page 71 makes reference to the dates 1925 and 1926. This is the first book published on Kerry Blue Terriers. Addresses breed history, Standard, Points, Breeding, Rearing, Management, Preparation for show, and Sporting attributes. A very scarce book. Hardcover, 78 pages.

A Compact Kerry Blue

Foy, Eileen S.
Private publication available from Bookworld International. 2001

It is 67 years since Egerton Clarke wrote his book on the Kerry Blue Terrier; a new book is long overdue. This book will help fill that void. Aimed at all interested in this special breed, it provides advice and information for the new puppy owner, the aspiring exhibitor, the seasoned breeder and even those who may venture into the judging the Kerry Blue. There are many colour photographs of “Kerries being Kerries”, and many previously unpublished photos to interest and intrigue. The author first acquired this wonderful breed in 1970. Progressing from exhibiting to awarding CCs at Belfast Championship Show in 1975, the judging continues both at home and abroad. She has written a variety of articles for newsletters and the canine press. The book was the next logical step.

Record of K-9 Characteristic

Record of K-9 Characteristic, A prerequisite of Breed Research,
The Kerry Blue Terrier. (The Kerry Norm)

Gardner, Mrs. Katherine “Casey”.
First printed in Terrier Type 1964.
Book published the following year 1965.

This work, now out of print and extremely rare, revolutionized the study of the mechanics of K-9 movement.
Mrs. Gardner was very active in the breed; her Kennel name was “Kerrycroft”. She died on 3 August 1994. The USKBTC has made inquiries of the state and is investigating the possibility of republishing this work.

The Modern Kerry Blue Terrier

Handy, Violet E.

Published by "Our Dogs" publishing Co.
c 1933
"Our Dogs" Buildings, Manchester 1, England
56 pages. 16 b/w pictures and line drawings. Cloth covers.


Published by Milo G. Denlinger
c 1947
Washington, D.C
Reprinted from the original. 46pp. With frontispiece, 15 plates and text-illustrations.

Hutchinson's Popular and Illustrated Dog Encylopaedia -- First Edition

Hutchinson, Walter
Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers), Ltd. 1934 (3 Volumes Hard”
34-36 Paternoster Row, London E.C.4

This is Hutchinson's Dog Encylopedia 1934 first edition. London: Hutchinson & Co. Set is bound in the deluxe red leather. A rare complete three-volume set with over 2000 pages. One of the most historically important works on the Canine race. Walter Hutchinson brought together some of the greatest experts, writers, photographers, and artists to create a really astounding and thorough work on the many purebred breeds and there histories. This encyclopedia is incredible for the illustrations in color, black and white, and sepia tone. The quality of writing is probably not being matched these days, editor Walter Hutchinson drew upon some of the greatest dog writers and fanciers of all time to prepare this work, a supremely important and magnificent work. All the purebred breeds along with dog related subjects are included in this set. The Kerry Blue Terrier is covered in Volume 2.

Popular & Illustrated Dog Encyclopaedia, Part 29

Part 29, Kerry Blue Terrier
Hutchinson, Walter
Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers), Ltd. c 1934 (soft)
34-36 Paternoster Row, London E.C.4

This Scarce Dog Magazine is one volume of the Dog Encylopedia by Hutchinson's. This Magazine was published on a weekly basis for 50 Weeks and then at the end published as a great book in 3 Volumes (see next listing). Each one of these Magazines featured one or more different dog breeds and Part 29 and focuses on the Kerry Blue Terrier with a total of 19 old Kerry Blue photos and two great full page art drawings of a Kerry Blue Terrier dogs. This is a great vintage write up with nice old photos but not much written Breed Info. There is also some information and photos on some other breeds. Dogs featured are Kerry Blue Terrier, King Charles Spaniel and Kelp Tal French. There are a total of 40 Pages to this Magazine and the Magazine measures 8 3/4 x 11 inches in size. The Kerry section consists of 21 pages and 61 black and white illustrations.

The Native Dogs of Ireland - Their Origin, Development and Standards

Irish Kennel Club
Published by the Irish Kennel Club. 1st edition, 1984

Covering the Irish Wolfhound, the Irish Red Setter, and Irish Red and White Setter, the Irish Terrier, the Kerry Blue Terrier, the Softcoated Wheaten Terrier, the Glen of Imaal Terrier and the Irish Water Spaniel. 105 pp. 10 colour plates. Card covers.

The Kerry Blue Terrier -- Izant, Edith

Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd., 1982.
Box 76, Fairfax, VA 22030

Edith Izant is a dog devotee, a Terrier fancier, and a Kerry Blue aficionado. Mrs. Izant’s book is a complete work on the Kerry Blue Terrier. It contains information on just what a Kerry Blue should be, the breeding of Kerrys and how to care for a Kerry and keep him in top condition.

Also includes a few chapters on History of the Kerry Blue, Showing your Kerry in Obedience, How to “set” ears on puppies, Kennel names, and more. Loaded with black & white photographs and line drawings of champion Kerry Blue Terriers. Quarto (11.25” X 9”) hardcover with 112 pages and pictorial endpapers (map of the “The Kingdom of Kerry”). Also published in a softcover edition.

Kerry Blue Terrier -- McLennan, Bardi -- 2002

Published in London. printed in Korea. 2002

This is a fabulous book in full color devoted to the Kerry Blue Terrier Dog. The book is a first and only edition book that is unavailable in the United States and Canada. Beautiful illustrated hardcover book with 157 pages in as new condition. In addition to an extremely authoritative text, this book presents over 135 photographs in full colour, which prove to be as informative as they are attractive. Helpful hints and important information are highlighted to provide easy access to everything the reader needs to know, from the history of the Kerry Blue Terrier to life with a Kerry Blue Terrier. There is also a birth certificate and vaccination record in the back of the book for your own dog and their records. Book size 8.5 x 6.8 inches.

Kerry Blue Terrier -- McLennan, Bardi -- 2005

Published by Kennel Club Books-USA, c.2005

Terrier expert Bardi McLennan retells the fascinating origins of the KBT in a lively, enjoyable way and shares her insight into the breed's history, characteristics and temperament. Illustrated with over 135 color photographs on 157 pages, this book discusses selection and care of the puppy as well as house-training, obedience training and dealing with and preventing behavioral problems. An excellent chapter on preventative healthcare addresses all of the concerns of a responsible owner. From the first days with the new puppy in the owner's home, to showing your Kerry and finally to the special care for a senior dog, this new volume will prove an invaluable addition to every Kerry lover's library.

Please note that there are two versions of this book. The edition published in England is mentioned below. Although both books are excellent, the one published in the USA includes more information on American kennels and pictures of Kerries in the USA.
ISBN 1-59378-321-3 was published in the USA in 2005.

The Complete Kerry Blue Terrier

Montgomery, Dr. E.S.
Published by Denlinger's, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1950.

6 1/4" x 9 1/4", hardbound with satiny blue cover bearing gold lettering and the black image of a Kerry head, glossy pages. Some versions of the book feature endpapers describing various postal stamp releases honoring dogs.

This book by Dr. E.S. Montgomery is an American Kerry classic, packed with useful information and photographs for the fancier. Chapters include: (1) The Personal Element; (2) The Early Origins of the Kerry Blue Terrier; (3) The Early Modern History of the Kerry Blue Terrier; (4) The Early Show History in England and Ireland; (5) The History of Kerry Blue Terrier Specialty Clubs in England and Ireland; (6) The History of the Kerry Blue Terrier in America; (7) The Heredity and Development of the Kerry Blue Terrier; (8) How to Judge a Kerry Blue Terrier; (9) The External Characteristics of the Kerry Blue Terrier; (10) Official Standard of the Kerry Blue Terrier; (11) The Character and Personality of the Kerry Blue Terrier; (12) The Feeding and Care of Kerry Blue Terriers; (13) How to Trim a Kerry Blue Terrier for the Exhibition Ring; (14) Kerry Blue Terrier Champions in England; (15) Kerry Blue Terrier Champions in America, and a preface, introduction, and concluding chapter.

As with many of the older Denlingers books, this one carries a "Part II" with generic information on care, training, etc. The first part of the book completely devoted to original Kerry Blue text by Dr. Montgomery is 144 pages in length; Part II is 128 pages. Part II includes photographs of Kerries. The endpapers are unique - the front carrying a map of "The Kingdom of Kerry"; the back includes two drawings -- one with a Kerry passing two Sealys and the quote, "An Irishman, a very valiant gentleman, I' faith", and the second showing a Kerry at the end of his lead addressing three Pekes, "Thy head is as full of quarrels as an egg is full of meat." Both quotes from Shakespeare!

The New Complete Kerry Blue Terrier

Montgomery, Dr. E.S.
Howell Book House Inc., NY: 1965.
845 Third Ave., New York, NY 10222
2nd Edition. 1st printing 1965. 2nd printing, 1969.

An updated illustrated version of the original classic Montgomery book on the Kerry Blue Terrier published by Denlinger in 1950. Hardbound (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"), with blue cover bearing gold and white lettering and a photograph of Gladys Titcomb’s Ch. Deed’s Show Off. Illustrated with B/W photos and pen & ink drawings 293pp.

The Kerry Blue Terrier

Rathborne, M.F.
"The Drogheda Independent" Co., Ltd. 1927
9, Shop Street, Drogheda, Ireland

A very rare book. I have only seen a typed copy of the text without illustrations.

The Dogs of Ireland

Redlich, Anna
First edition published in Ireland in 1949.

Hardcover book with dust jacket. 189 pages.
Breeds include: Irish Wolfhound, Irish Setter, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Kerry Beagle, Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Glen of Imaal Terrier and Soft coated Wheaten Terrier.

The Dogs of Ireland
Redlich, Anna
Dundalk, 1981
W. Tempest, Dundalgan Press

An updated version of the book originally published in 1949.

Our Friends The Irish And Kerry Blue Terriers

Johns, Roeland.
Publisher: Methuen & Co., Ltd., London. First Edition published in 1935

This is a rare Out Of Print hardcover dog book that has a dust jacket with a
B/W Photo of an Irish Terrier on it. The Book has 87 Pages and measures 4 1/2 x 7 inches in size. Inside this Book there are only 2 Old B/W Photos as a Frontispiece and they are of an Irish Terrier named "Ch.Culbahn Confidence" and a Kerry Blue Terrier named "Blue Wizzard of the Bog". The Book has 14 written Chapters: 1) The Origin of the Irish Terrier, 2) Irish Terrier Temperament, 3) The Irish Terrier's Show Career, 4) The Irish Terrier, 5) Preparing the Irish Terrier for Show, 6) The Rise of the Kerry Blue, 7) Showing the Kerry Blue, 8) The Kerry Blue Terrier, 9) The Kerry Blue's Show Career, 10) The Breeding of Irish and Kerry Blue Terriers, 11) Rearing and Training Puppies, 12) Glossary of Terms, 13) The Law and the Dog, 14) Ailments and Remedies. This Book would be a nice addition to any Irish or Kerry Blue Terrier lover’s library.

Know Your Kerry Blue Terrier

Schneider, Earl
Published by The Pet Library Ltd,

A guide to dog care and history of the Kerry Blue Terrier. Softcover, 64 pp, colour illustrations and photos.

How To Raise And Train A Kerry Blue Terrier

Schweppe, Frederick
T.F.H. Publications, Inc. Neptune City, NJ. 1964

A soft back book published in 1964. Contains 9 chapters over 64 pages with lots of info, a color cover but all photos inside are black & white pictures. Measures approx. 8 inches x 5.5 inches.
It has a lot of valuable information, (the history of the breed, characteristics, etc.) and great pictures.

Kerry Blue Terriers

Schweppe, Frederick
TFH Publications Inc., Neptune City, New Jersey, 1990

This book illustrated throughout entirely with 175 full-color photos and drawings presents sensible easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for a Kerry Blue Terrier It concentrates on providing readers with the information they need and want all given in an interesting and easy-to-read style. Following is just a partial listing of the topics covered: History of the Kerry Blue Terrier; Description of the Kerry Blue Terrier; Grooming; Selecting Your Dog; The New Family Member; Feeding Requirements; Accommodations; Housebreaking and Training; Behavior Modification; Health Care; Preventive Dental Care; Breeding; Dogs and the Law; Index. Hardcover, 192pp, index, color illustrations.

The Kerry Blue Terrier

Williams, Capt. A. Watts
Peter Hopwood & Co., Ltd. c 1923
17 Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.1

Captain A. Watts Williams organized the Blue Terrier Club of England. This is more of a pamphlet than a book but might be a challenge to the claim that Egerton Clark wrote the first book


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