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The Kerry Blue From a Judge’s Perspective

By Seymour Weiss

(This article was originally published in JustTerriers magazine which is no longer in circulation. Thank you to the editors and staff members of the magazine for permission to publish this article in its entirety on the USKBTC website. It has been placed on the site in PDF format to retain the original formatting seen in the magazine.)

Similar to, but just different enough from, the other long-legged terriers is a handy verbal yardstick for judges of Ireland’s most elegant terrier. Features seen in many other terriers are present in the Kerry Blue — the rectangular head, the button ears, the small, dark eyes, the level top line, and the docked tail set on right at the corner of the dog.

Ah, but there are also several important differences to be aware of when considering the Kerry. Without these features I call the components of type, a Kerry must be considered lacking in the true essence of the breed. . .

Click to read the full article in a PDF file. A Judge’s Perspective

Eventually, ten articles from the JustTerriers special KBT issue will be placed on this website. The titles of the articles follow.

  • “The Origin of the KBT”
  • “Early History of the KBT in the US”
  • “European Kerries”
  • “The KBT An Historical Overview”
  • “The State of Health of the KBT”
  • “The KBT in Performance Events”
  • “KBT Rescue”
  • “A Judge’s Perspective”
  • “Can You Picture Yourself with a Kerry Blue?”
  • “Herding with your KBT”


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