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USKBTC Rescue Coordinator

Tuesday Hanna,  National Rescue Coordinator 

Rescue Coordinator Bio

 Tuesday Hanna

Although fairly new to the world of Kerry Blues, I am not new to dog shows, as I am third generation in both conformation showing and professional grooming. I was raised and worked with some of the best handlers of the past, and stepped out of showing for a while to have a family and try my hand at competitive grooming, where I qualified for the elite Groom Team USA. I have returned to conformation showing, and I am actively showing Kerry Blues and both Toy and Standard Poodles.

I live with my husband, George, and 5-year old son, Kyle, in Ellabell which is just outside of Savannah, Georgia. Together, we enjoy raising Kerry Blue Terriers and Poodles. I am a full-time groomer and own multiple businesses: TCH Mobile Grooming, Low Country Grooming, and Low Country Kennels and my husband helps as much as possible when he is not traveling.

George and I are passionate about dogs are very active in the rescue work of multiple national and local organizations. We host monthly Adoption Fairs and Food Drives out of our Grooming Shop to help dogs in need. My staff and I also groom pro-bono for both the Humane Society and Animal Control on a regular basis to make dogs more hygienic and adoptable. We will transport and foster dogs of all breeds and circumstances whenever possible.

All the rescue dogs stay with us on our private 10 acres, where there is a two car garage converted into a kennel with a grooming area. We have large dog runs with plenty of room to explore the area, our horses and other livestock. Although we have several dogs at any given time, our personal pets and visitors have freedom to run and play and enjoy life. We offer a controlled environment where dogs can, for the most part, run together because there is plenty of time and love shared with each dog.

We have been very successful in placing many dogs with good families and have the means to hold onto dogs for an undetermined amount of time, until the right home is found. We pride ourselves on the fact that we truly keep the dog’s best interest at heart and don’t let time or money affect good placement decisions.

I am honored to accept the position of National Rescue Coordinator and I will continue my efforts to help the breed as the need arises. I will also encourage others to be a proponent of rescue and will promise to work with breeders that need assistance in placing their dogs in forever homes again.

Editor’s Note:
To contact Tuesday Hanna, you may use her email address or phone 912 713-4800.


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