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Ramp Judging of Kerry Blue Terriers

Current Rule:
The USKBTC agreed to allow the Kerry to be judged on a ramp only if it was an emergency disability issue for a judge.

Proposal from the Basset Club:
The Basset Parent Club has requested a rule change that would require that all “ramp” breeds to ALWAYS be judged on a ramp, including in both breed and group.

USKBTC’s Position:
It is the sense of the Board and most USKBTC members that Kerry Blues NOT be judged on a ramp EXCEPT in an emergency situation where a judge has an unforeseen infirmity.

The Board has indicated to the Basset Parent Club that we will not support their motion and recommended they modify their rule change as follows: “A parent club can specify their breed always be judged on a ramp.”

Should the suggested rule change pass as CURRENTLY proposed by the Basset Club, the USKBTC Delegate will request the AKC to rescind our approval for use of the ramp.

Tom Rogers


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