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This document defines the ethical standards to which we ascribe as a
condition of membership in the United Stated Kerry Blue Terrier Club
(USKBTC). Membership is a privilege conferred by the Board of Governors,
acting for the Membership, upon those individuals who meet the high
standards set forth in the Club Constitution and Bylaws and this Code. As
members, we are individually charged with complying with this code and
demanding similar compliance of all other members. We must hold the interest
of the Kerry Blue Terrier superior to our own in exercising the
responsibilities that accompany the privileges of membership.

Members of the USKBTC, as Stewards to the breed, have the obligation to protect and serve the best interests of the Kerry Blue Terrier at all times.  A member’s every action should reflect credit on themselves, the USKBTC and, above all, the Kerry Blue Terrier.

The approved standard for the breed is the fundamental imperative guiding our actions. Members have the obligation to protect and serve these standards as a condition of membership.

Members must be familiar with and comply with the rules of the American Kennel Club (AKC); the Constitution and By-laws of the USKBTC; and (as appropriate) the rules established by any member club of the USKBTC.

Members will observe the highest standards of conduct and sportsmanship at all times. Whether as a breeder, exhibitor, or spectator, they shall conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Kerry Blue Terrier, dogs in general, and the sport of showing dogs.

Members shall maintain the highest standards of health and sanitation for their own Kerry Blue Terriers, as well as for any other animals in their possession or entrusted to their care. They shall demand the same high standards of others, members and non-members alike.

A Breeder shall:
Be guided at all times by the approved standard for the Kerry Blue Terrier and shall consider breeding only those specimens that conform to the standard.

When contemplating breeding a litter or providing the services of a stud dog, strive toward maintaining breed type and producing dogs of exceptional quality, temperament, and condition. Breeding or supporting breeding to a lesser standard is not acceptable.

Use for breeding only those dogs that are healthy and free from serious congenital and hereditary defects. Refrain from further use, any bitch or
stud dog that has developed such a health problem or produced any serious inherited defects detrimental to the offspring and the overall well being of the breed.

Not use a bitch for breeding prior to reaching eighteen (18) months of age (preferably 24 months) or older than eight (8) years of age. A bitch should
not be bred more than two (2) out of three (3) consecutive heat cycles, nor produce more than five (5) litters in her lifetime. Recognizing the variations in heat cycles and sizes of litters, valid exceptions may exist, however it is incumbent on the breeder to exercise good judgment in exercising such exceptions.

Not sell puppies to pet shops either outright or on consignment; supply puppies for auctions, raffles, or other such activities; refrain from selling to persons whose intention (either known or suspected) is to resell or use the puppy in a breeding program not complying with this code of ethics. The breeder shall ensure that the prospective buyer is prepared to provide the same degree of care required of members of the USKBTC. The code of ethics should be provided and discussed with potential buyers as part of a thorough screening process. All buyers should be encouraged to become members of the USKBTC and member clubs.

Promptly apply for AKC registration of the litter. Puppies should not be sold prior to reaching ten (10) weeks of age (preferably 12 weeks). The sale of every dog shall include a signed registration or registration application (Blue Slip), and a four-generation pedigree. Any exceptions to these requirements, or valid restrictions or limitations imposed as conditions to the sale (e.g., no breeding) must be agreed to in writing by both parties at the time of sale. There is never an extra charge for “papers”. Unreasonable conditions should not be imposed on the buyer as a condition for the sale.  It is strongly recommended that a written agreement accompany all sales.  Buyers should be provided with assistance and support in the setting of ears and in learning proper grooming. If the buyer is not located in the same
area, the breeder should make arrangements with another USKBTC member in that area to assist the new owner.

Provide with each sale, a record of dated and types of immunization given, immunizations required, and veterinary health records. Instructions should be provided, preferably in writing, on diseases and hereditary factors related to the breed, proper medical care, feeding, and grooming. Providing a copy of the current USKBTC Handbook represents a means of conveying this type of information, and is a sound investment on the part of the breeder.  No puppy should be sold without either temporary or permanent protection against distemper-hepatitis-leptospirosis and parvo. Puppies should have a veterinary examination, and worming if required, before sale.

Maintain accurate and complete records of stock, matings, pedigrees, show records, and transfers. Breeders are responsible for conducting research on their pedigrees to ensure correct ancestry, accurate spelling of names, and correct registration numbers. Breeders should be familiar with and comply with all record keeping requirements required by the AKC. Litter registration applications must be correct and promptly requested. Individual puppy registration should be completed in a timely manner.

Shall not engage in false or misleading advertising or other misrepresentations with respect to their own breeding. They shall not malign others by making false or misleading statements regarding another member’s dogs, breeding practices, or person. Advertising should not be worded to attract undesirable buyers nor encourage raising dogs for profit.

Consider the growing problems related to excess dogs ending up in animal shelters and should exercise sound judgment and prudent restraint in their breeding programs. Litters should be limited to numbers that are consistent with achieving a sound breeding program and the best interests of the Kerry Blue Terrier.

Be prepared to assume lifetime responsibility for any litter produced.

An Exhibitor or Handler shall:

Act professionally at all times in caring for and exhibiting any dog in your charge.

Do not engage in any questionable conduct with judges prior to exhibiting under them.

Comply with AKC Rules and Regulations for Dog Shows, Obedience Trials, Field Trials, and The Guidelines for Dog Show Judges.  Exhibit or handle only those dogs that conform as closely as possible to the approved standard.

Do not indulge in the practice of making “kennel majors”, or exhibiting filler dogs that they know themselves to be unworthy of championships, for the purpose of finishing dogs. Such practices lessen the meaning and value of a championship and do not serve the breed.

The USKBTC expects adherence to this Code and blatant disregard of these standards will not be condoned. Violations of the standards are not in the best interests of the Club or the breed. Such behavior can serve as a cause of imposing discipline or terminating membership if charges are brought before the Board of Governors in accordance with the procedures as defined in Article VI (Discipline) of the USKBTC Constitution and Bylaws.  Article VI addresses the specific procedures for  proffering charges; the hearing process; and the rights of the parties involved. Each member is
expected to be fully familiar with this very important provision of the By-laws.


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