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Why does a 70 year old woman run around an agility course with Nicky, a Kerry Blue Terrier?

It’s great fun!

I decided to do as much as possible with Nicky. His loving and attentive personality encouraged me to sign him up for agility and obedience. He loved the classes right away, especially agility. As we drove the 45 minutes to class he became more and more excited, barking loudly when we turned unto the road and under a stone bridge that led to the dog training site.

We attended every class during the very hot summer of 2002, armed with lots of cold water for both of us. By the time we arrived at our camp in an air conditioned car both of us were refreshed and hungry.

Nicky and I became a team doing everything together- making beds, cleaning, cooking… he was never more than a foot from me watching my every move. At agility he loved the jumps, tunnel and each new equipment we learned.

We were early for one class when the instructor was setting up the new challenge, the A-Frame. She asked us to try it to see if it was too steep. Without a command Nicky looked at it , went up and over in a flash finishing up going over a jump. He was very pleased with himself and has loved going over the A-Frame since.

A birthday gift of some agility equipment has added to Nicky’s play at home. My grandchildren love to work with him on the jumps and he listens well giving them a thrill.

I never thought I would be running around an agility course and going to trials at my age. Agility with Nicky has given new and exciting experiences and great fun. What could be better!

Patty Prindle 1/27/03


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