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  • 07/22/2020 12:59 PM | Web Team (Administrator)

    2020 Haymarket Futurity/Maturity

    Litter Nomination 

    Please Note

    Because of the cancellation of Montgomery County the 2020 Futurity/Maturity will be held in 2021.  The location will mostly be Purina Farms on Thursday evening during KerryFest.

    A committee is currently determining how the age breakdown will be adjusted given the ages of the Kerry Blue eligible for the 2020 Futurity/Maturity.

    Please contact Eva Hanson with any questions.  Her email is

    You must nominate your eligible litter by August 31, 2020 in order to participate in the event at Purina Farms in 2021.

    Nomination Closing date is August 31,2020

    The fee is $40.00 U.S. 

    Note:  In order for a dog to be entered in the Maturity it must be from a litter nominated for the Futurity whether it will be shown or not in the Futurity.

    Click "HERE" to register a litter.

  • 04/08/2020 3:31 PM | Web Team (Administrator)

    The Premium List for both the Carolina Cluster and the Carolina Terrier Association will be available in early August.


    Traveling Specialty Announcement

    The Governors of the USKBTC have been looking for ways to support our exhibitors during the Covid-19 period.  The impact of cancelling shows and specifically KerryFest and the Pittsburgh Specialty weekend has reduced significantly the ability to compete and earn majors.

    In order to provide the opportunity to compete the Carolina Cluster and the Carolina Terrier Association will host 2 Specialties…..the Traveling Specialty and another Specialty sponsored by the USKBTC.  In addition, there are 4 all-breed shows.  All together there will be 6 opportunities to compete over 4 days.  The Carolina Cluster starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday.  The Traveling Specialty shows will be on Friday and the second Specialty on Sunday morning.  The dates are September 10 through 13and the superintendent is MBF.

    We considered standing with an existing Chapter Club but to do so would not increase the number of potential majors.  This will create the potential opportunity for 12 majors in one location over 4 days.  The point schedule is very favorable for 5 pointers in dogs and bitches.  NOHS is offered at ALL shows.

    The Greensboro show site is fully air conditioned, motor home parking with electrical hookups, and ample free grooming adjacent to the ring. 

    This is a very "fluid" situation and if our venue becomes available later in the year we will move to that date to enhance the chances of holding the shows.  

    The judges are as follows:

    Thursday Afternoon-AB                            Butch Schulman

    Friday Morning-AB                                     Dana Cline

    Friday Afternoon-CTA/Traveling             Billie Kneale

    Saturday Morning-AB                                Charlotte Patterson

    Saturday Afternoon-CTA                           Scott Kellogg

    Sunday Morning-AB/Spec                        David Kirkland

    The Clubs are Greater Hickory KC, Carolina KC, and Carolina Terrier Association

    We plan to extend “southern” hospitality while exhibitors are in Greensboro.  Hospitality plans are evolving and will be shared closer to the event.

    Mark your calendars and see you in the Gate City, Greensboro, NC in September.

  • 01/21/2020 10:54 AM | Web Team (Administrator)

    Due to the impact of COVID-19 all events at Purina Farms are cancelled through at least May 9, 2020.  Kerry Fest will return in 2021 better than ever.  Watch for additional announcements.

    You can now order commemorative Kerry Fest T-Shirts, enter the Challenge of Champions, and make Hospitality reservations.  For T-Shirts go to the Store and go to the Events page for the Challenge and Hospitality.  

    We will have a downloadable brochure soon.  There will be 2 Club hotels.  The link for the Comfort Inn

    We will have another option shortly.

    Planning has started for 2020 Kerry Fest at Purina Farms.  The dates are May 1,2, and 3.  There are 4 shows in 3 days...all will be majors in both sexes.  There will be the Challenge of Champions on Friday night and the infamous Kerryoke in the Cafe on Saturday evening.  Rats? Of course, Barn Hunt Saturday and Sunday.

    This is a "not to be missed" event so mark your calendars now.  Complete information will be available in late February....and did we mention the Roaring 20's theme?

  • 01/04/2020 4:38 PM | Web Team (Administrator)

    USKBTC Charitable Funds

    2020 Kerry Blue Terrier Health Survey

    This survey has been developed by the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club Charitable Funds Board in collaboration with the USKBTC Health and Genetics Committee. Its purpose is to help guide investment by the Charitable Funds to improve the health and well being of Kerry Blue Terriers. The survey will help determine the type and frequency of current health problems being encountered in the Kerry Blue Terrier population.

    Please complete the survey for each individual Kerry Blue Terrier that you have owned since 2000. Personal information and pedigree information is NOT part of this survey and is not required to complete this survey. Information submitted is not identifiable by the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc. Specific Kerry Blue Terrier names are not requested. All Kerry Blue owners are encouraged to complete the survey whether a member of the USKBTC or not.

    Follow this link to complete the survey:

    Special thanks to Reita Nicholson, Dr. Natalia Kunze, and Dr. Scott Kellogg for their help in constructing this survey

    If you have any questions please email

    On behalf of the Charitable Funds Board

    Carl C. Ashby - Chair

  • 12/17/2019 10:30 AM | Web Team (Administrator)

    Richard and Eileen Santo (Paxon Kerry Blue Terriers) were recognized at the AKC Royal Canin National Championship as the Terrier Group Breeders of the Year.  A story will follow but for now the USKTBC congratulates Richard and Eileen for this honor and their contribution to the breed over many years.

  • 11/12/2019 2:55 PM | Web Team (Administrator)

    A Happy Ending for IKE: he has a home to return to and will get the medical and dental care he needs! IKE, a new 12 yo rescue who really needs your support for medical care!

                                                                              By Judi Young / October 21, 2019

    In the happiest of endings, the KBTF and the USKBTC working together have identified Ike’s breeder who, now that she is aware of Ike’s misfortune, is more than happy to bring him back into her home for the medical and dental care he needs! This is just exactly what excellent breeders will always do! When Ike was turned into the shelter originally, they told us that they thought the owner who turned him in was also the breeder. However information on every rescue that comes into the Foundation’s rescue program is shared with the USKBTC for breeder or other information they may have—–and that is how Ike’s true breeder was identified and contacted. Already arrangements have been made for the breeder to pick up Ike and take him to his first home.

    It is still estimated that Ike’s medical and dental work will be over $2500 so any financial support would still help cover his expenses. Any donations made in Ike’s name will be used to cover these expenses. Looks like the future for Ike is bright once again!

    On October 16, one of our rescue coordinators got a call from a shelter in West Virginia for a 12 year old male Kerry named IKE who was surrendered to the shelter to the by his owner. Poor IKE: during his veterinarian exam at the shelter it was found that he while he is a very sweet and loving Kerry, he has what they called a “complex of medical issues”! IKE has “severe dental tartar and periodontal disease with many loose teeth and severe halitosis”. Some of the teeth are black and rotting! He has a mass on a toe of his right rear paw which is painful on touching: this needs to be removed and may require amputation of part of the toe itself. He is partially deaf and blind and has not been neutered. He seriously needed grooming in all parts of his body: they could not even see his eyes because of the matted hair on his face! In spite of his what we would consider terrible medical and grooming needs, IKE is friendly, quiet, walked with a pep in his step and wagged his tail. He is a big boy at almost 45 lbs and needs your help!

    IKE is now safely being fostered and cared for in the home of Stephanie Moore where he is enjoying watching and playing with her pack of Kerries and feeling some love for the first time in who knows how long. Stephanie reports that he is a jet black “Cutie” who rode well in the car and is spending time snuggling with the humans in her home! Stephanie has already made appointments for grooming and a veterinarian exam in preparation for the medical and dental work that will be done and covered by the Foundation. We expect that the medical, dental, and grooming expenses will over $2500 so we are asking you to help if you can. Please consider a donation, no matter how small or large, to the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation to help cover the costs of IKE’s upcoming treatments. On our website you will find a spot to click for Donations: just visit there and help with whatever you can. In the comments section please say it is to help IKE!

    Once IKE has completed all his procedures, he will be placed up for adoption. If you might be interested in adopting IKE and haven’t complete an adoption application, please visit our website, go to the rescue section, and there you will find the application. There is an online version that can be completed and sent electronically to us or a pdf version that can be printed out, completed manually, and then either scanned in and sent to us electronically or mailed to our mail box in CA.  Go to the Kerry Blue Foundation website to support Ike.

    • 06/07/2019 12:30 PM | Web Team (Administrator)


      The United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club has migrated to a new website and membership management system.  This new system allows us to serve the membership better and provide many new features such as event entry and member photo albums of your Kerry Blues which can be shared with your friends.  Just as important it allows you to maintain your information assuring the very latest contact information is up to date.  That way you will not miss a single issue of Blue Prints as the mailing list comes from this system.

      The first step is for you to login to the website and review your profile, set you privacy settings, and change your password.  Attached to this email are the step by step instructions on how to log-in and review your profile.  Simple click  LOGIN AND PROFILE INSTRUCTIONS-USKBTC.COM.pdf

      To make sure we reach you with this important information we will be posting this email on the website, send it through the new system, and post on Facebook.  This is a critical first step and we want to make assure you get the information.

      Please make sure that this email address:  is cleared through any spam/junk filters…it’s a good idea to add it to your address book should you have any questions.

      We are all learning and we expect a bump or two in the road.  Please be patient as we learn together.

    • 06/07/2019 11:49 AM | Web Team (Administrator)

      Regrettably, for personal reasons, both Ed Greer, our breeder Montgomery Concurrent Specialty Judge, and Anita Norman our West Coast Futurity Judge, have withdraw from their assignments. 

      The Board of Governors has approved Margret Sieber to judge the Concurrent Specialty on Thursday following the Hatboro Kennel Club breed judging.

      Melanie Fledges will replace Anita Norman as one of the Futurity judges. 

    • 06/07/2019 11:11 AM | Web Team (Administrator)

      The USKBTC Board of Governors has posted the Rules governing the Haymarket Futurity and Maturity.  You can download the rules by going to US Club then Haymarket Futurity and Maturity in the sidebar.

      Please note this one clarification in the rules.  If you nominated a litter previously but didn't show a particular dog from the litter in the Futurity that dog remains eligible for the Maturity as well as any dog you did show from the litter in Futurity.

    • 05/14/2019 2:28 PM | Web Team (Administrator)

      No one was safe in the Checkerboard Cafe on Saturday night at KerryFest 2019 when our first annual Kerryoke Evening was held.  It was kicked off with a traditional tune by one of our judges Ron Ramsay followed by the irrepressibleConnie Robbins and her love for the Beatles!  

      The evening continued until after 9PM...a new record for our Saturday evening hospitality.  Thanks to Nick Fletcher who queued up the tunes.

      We do have an album....just too bad its not a "talkie."

      Kerryoke 2019

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