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              The United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, in an effort to assist our members and the Kerry Blue Terrier,  entered into an agreement with the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation (KBTF) to manage rescue of all Kerry Blue Terriers.  In that agreement the USKBTC Charitable Funds agreed to pay $100 for each purebred Kerry Blue Terrier that comes into KBTF rescue not bred by a member of the USKBTC and $150 for each Kerry Blue Terrier bred by a member of the USKBTC whether the member takes the dog back or not.  Once it is in the hands of the Kerry Blue Foundation it is considered a rescue for reimbursement purposes and costs are incurred.

              It is the policy of the USKBTC that the member whose dog enters rescue reimburse the USKBTC Charitable Funds the $150 paid on their behalf to the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation.  Members will be billed by the USKBTC treasurer.

              This arrangement has served the Kerry Blue Terrier and our members well since 2018 and has cut our rescue expense and volunteer effort considerably.  Members compliance with this policy is appreciated.



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