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Kerries are such agile dogs that they should have plenty of nourishing food. Of course you should not overfeed them, but health demands a good diet. The correct quality to feed depends on the individual dog.

Puppies may generally be given all they will eat at each meal. (Sample puppy formula.)
At 12 weeks of age, they should get 3 meals a day.

By the time they reach 4-6 months, you will notice their appetites decrease. Feed them 2 meals a day at this time. Your Kerry, above one year, needs only 1 meal a day. Always keep water within easy reach.

When Kerries reach the age of 12 months, they should be fed enough to keep them healthy and agile, but not enough to “fatten them up.” A simple gauge in telling if your dog is putting on too much weight is to observe his ribs. If they can be felt with noticeable ridges between them, your Kerry is underfed. If you have difficulty feeling them through the “upholstery,” he is overfed. You should just be able to feel his ribs.

What you feed your Kerry and particularly your growing puppy is of course as important as how much you give him. If you purchased your puppy from a reputable breeder, you no doubt were given the formula used in feeding the puppy. There are so many good dog foods on the market today, and competition is so keen, that companies are constantly improving their products. You will hardly go wrong with any of the better known brands.

There are even foods for the youngsters that are fairly complete in your dog’s basic requirements. We feel, however, that your dog needs the bulk and ingredients in dry dog foods (meal) as well as added meats, eggs, milk, etc. It is a fallacy that raw beef and milk give puppies worms. They need foods rich in calcium and proteins.

If you are a one dog family, there is nothing wrong with feeding leftovers to your dog. A diet of only tablescraps, however, is not sufficient for your Kerry’s growth and development. If used, give them as a treat or mix them with a dog meal.


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