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At the May 2018 Meeting of the Board of Governors, it was decided that due to the success of KerryFest the Traveling Specialty would be held during KerryFest at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri.  What follows is to memorialize the process and calendar should a decision be made to renew moving the Traveling Specialty in the future.

Hosting a Traveling Specialty

United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc.

(Member of the American Kennel Club)

Guidelines for Chapter Clubs Hosting the Traveling National Specialty


The USKBTC recognizes the effort involved in organizing and presenting a local Specialty show and to add another Specialty event at the same time can be daunting. What follows are simple guidelines. If any of the following items cause concern for a host club, to the extent they are not comfortable hosting this event, please contact the President of the USKBTC to discuss those items. The Parent Club wants to assure that Kerry people and their dogs come together and THAT is more important than a particular “guideline.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why a National Traveling Specialty? Although many Kerry Blue Terrier fanciers attend the USKBTC’s annual – or “standing” – national specialty show at the Montgomery County Kennel Club every October, many others do not. A Traveling Specialty provides these people with the opportunity to meet and see dogs that they might not otherwise get to see. It also allows chapter Kerry clubs to show off their local Kerry hospitality, as well as their quality Kerries.

How were we chosen to host this show? There are 12 official Kerry Blue Terrier Chapter Clubs, 10 of which are asked to host the Traveling Specialty on a rotating basis. (The Hawaii Club and Lower Michigan are excluded from the rotation.) The USKBTC attempts to rotate assignments so that the Traveling Specialty is hosted by a chapter club located east of the Mississippi River one year, and by a chapter club located west of the Mississippi the following year.

What is the Current Rotation of the Traveling Specialty? At its January 2003 meeting, the USKBTC Board of Governors established the following rotation:

2003 Central Florida

2004 Texas

2005 Philadelphia

2006 Chicago

2007 S California

2008 Empire

2009 Northern Ohio

2010 St. Louis

2011 N California

2012 Pittsburgh

2013 C. Florida

2014 repeat rotation

Are Clubs allowed to trade dates or pass? Due to declines in membership of the local chapter clubs, it is recognized that a club or clubs may elect to pass in the rotation. If this occurs, then the next Club in the rotation will be offered the opportunity to host the Traveling. If that Club passes, then the next Club in the rotation will be invited. Any Club in the rotation must make their request to be bypassed, in writing, no less than 12 months in advance of the event to the President of the USKBTC.

How many entries / people can we expect at a Traveling Specialty?

The number of entries will depend on many things, including the show’s date, corresponding shows, judges and location.

The location of the club hosting the Traveling Specialty, whether it is the East, West, or Midwest, is likely to be the factor by which most exhibitors who consider entering a Traveling Specialty will use to make their decision. West coast shows usually do not see as much of an increase in entry numbers as do other parts of the country. This may be due to the distance to the show which may require that a dog be flown to the show. Midwest and East coast clubs can double their usual entry. Many times the All Breed Club show at which the Traveling Specialty is held is contacted for support in this area. Many All Breed shows will offer National Clubs bonuses for bringing their Traveling show to the site. The increase of the entry is usually a bargaining tool with which to gain things like favorable ring location, designated grooming or nearby parking.

What day of the weekend does the U.S. usually hold their show?

The decision is made by the Host Club as to which day the US Traveling Specialty is held. Typically, it is the next day following the local club specialty. Either Saturday or Sunday is preferred.

Is the Traveling Specialty a Concurrent Specialty? No. The Traveling Specialty considers the classes at an existing all breed show as its Specialty. A concurrent specialty (which would result in 2 shows the same day) requires a separate catalog, separate contract with a superintendent, etc. and is considered by AKC to be a totally separate event. If a host club decides that holding a Concurrent Specialty is in their best interest, any cost beyond that associated with standing with an All-Breed Club is the responsibility of the host club and such costs will not be reimbursed by the USKBTC.

Who picks the judges for the Traveling Specialty? The chapter club picks the judge(s) for its own Specialty show, but the USKBTC Board of Governors approves the judge for the Traveling. However, it is the intent of the USKBTC to attempt to use an existing judge on the panel for the weekend where the specialty is held and to avoid contracting with a judge for low number of dogs. The Chapter club, USKBTC and the All-Breed clubs holding shows that weekend work together to get the best judging panel possible, so that the entry will be as large as possible. If done correctly, this may result in little or no cost to the USKBTC for the judge’s fee and expenses for the Traveling Specialty. If the USKBTC is responsible for the judge’s fee/expenses, the maximum amount paid will be $500 for the judge’s total fees and expenses; however, the intent is avoid any cost to the USKBTC, if possible. These details are worked out between the All-Breed club and the USKBTC. In all cases, the USKBTC will request that the Chapter Club work with the All-Breed club in an attempt to use a judge on the All-Breed show’s panel. Given the relatively small entries at Traveling Specialties, it is important to hold expenses to a minimum.

What costs are associated with the Traveling Specialty and who pays them? The USKBTC pays for its Traveling Specialty judge, if necessary. The USKBTC does not pay for much other than trophies, but money is raised for whatever expenses there may be through donations each year. The Host Club does not bear the cost of extra arrangements. (This will be covered later in guidelines.) The maximum paid by the US Club in addition to the Judges Fee is $200.00.

Who is the USKBTC contact and who does the work? The Host Club and the USKBTC show chair are the club contacts. The USKBTC President and Corresponding Secretary work closely with the Host Club president and show chair. Whenever a problem or question arises regarding the Traveling Specialty, the host Chapter club should promptly contact the USKBTC President for clarification and help.

What paper work is required? The AKC show application for the Traveling Specialty is filled out and submitted by the USKBTC Corresponding Secretary or specialty coordinator. USKBTC decides how sweepstakes and classes (regular & non-regular) are set up/divided. Both show chairs work together so the appropriate paperwork, trophies, ribbons, etc., are ordered. The Host Club needs to provide the USKBTC with the names of All-Breed Club’s Show Chair and the Superintendent. The Chapter Club and Parent Club decide between them who contacts the local All Breed Club for permission to hold a National Club show and what incentives the All Breed Club will give the Chapter or U.S. Club. It is expected that planning for the Traveling will be concurrent with planning for Chapter Club Specialty(s) and, thus, is given the same considerations that the host All-breed club offers.

Types of incentives for which to ask:

Choice of judge Payment of USKBTC’s judge’s fee

A separate building or ring Rosettes

$$ for each entry Designated parking area for the Kerry entry

Housing of judges

The Host Chapter club may ask for additional incentives which it feels appropriate. Granting these incentives is strictly up to the host all breed Club and failure to obtain these is in NO WAY reflective on the host chapter club.

Tent/Parking/Grooming Area- the following is strictly optional and does NOT constitute a requirement in order to host a Traveling Specialty. Generally, what is available for the Host Club specialty is adequate for the Traveling.

Either an indoor or outdoor site is acceptable based upon the weather. If possible, the site or Kerry ring should be either in a separate building or in a separate ring by themselves with specific grooming space allocated only for Kerry Blue entrants near the ring.


Request allocated parking for the Kerry entry. If possible, park all the Kerry motorhomes together. Many of these things can be worked out with the all breed club by the host chapter club. Any special arrangements should be arranged and supplied to the U.S. Club

Hotels/ Airports/ Meeting Rooms

Depending on location of the show, airports should be nearby.

The Host Club usually reserves, under the USKBTC’s name, a block of rooms at a hotel/motel that accepts dogs in order to procure a better rate. Typically, a block of 10-12 rooms is requested. There should be a restaurant in or near the host hotel. The Host Club shall provide directions from the airports and host hotel to the show site(s). The USKBTC Board of Governors will usually conduct a board meeting during the weekend of the Traveling Specialty. It is helpful if the designated host hotel has a meeting room large enough to accommodate 20 people. Usually, the room is provided at no charge or a small charge which is paid by the USKBTC. The meeting date and time are set by the USKBTC officers; the meeting usually lasts about four hours.

Advertising & Mailings

Most advertising for the Traveling Show is the responsibility of the Host Club’s advertising chairman and should be included as part of advertising for their own Specialty. No special mailings are required. All information on weekend events, arrangements, directions, times, etc. is usually provided in the form of a flier or ad. This is coordinated with the USKBTC show chair. Ads are prepared and supplied to the Blueprints editor. Deadlines for submission are November 3, March 3 and July 3 before the issue goes to publication. The Blueprints editor will be able to supply more specific information as to what is required. The USKBTC list-serve will be used along with the USKBTC website,, and the USKBTC publication, BLUEPRINTS, to communicate information. If a flier for the Traveling Specialty is going to be sent to all members in a mailing, its content and format must be coordinated with the USKBTC show chair. Sometimes this flier can be included in a planned mailing and save postage. Upon request from the Host club, the USKBTC will supply a set of USKBTC member labels for a mailing. However, advertising beyond what is normal for the Chapter Club Specialty is NOT required.


Who is responsible for the trophy list and trophies for the USKBTC Traveling Specialty? The trophy chair of the Host Club, in consultation with the USKBTC Trophy Chairman and Specialty Coordinator, usually is responsible for all trophies for the entire weekend, including the Traveling show. There is NO requirement for trophies beyond rosettes and USKBTC Club Medallions (medallions are supplied at no cost by the USKBTC.). The USKBTC requests donations through dues collection and that money will be made available to help with miscellaneous expenses and rosette costs; however, it is generally a relatively small amount. Trophies are not to be offered for class placements.

What classes are offered? Regular Classes & Sweeps plus any special events such as obedience, agility etc., are included in the event being held that day at the All Breed show. The Host Club show chairman will check and coordinate with the USKBTC show chair to determine what classes are included in the show application sent to the AKC. It is suggested that the National Owner Handled competition be offered if possible. Additional classes may include Veteran Dog, Veteran Bitch, Brood Bitch, Stud Dog and Best in Sweeps, Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps, Best Junior and Senior Puppy in Sweeps, etc. If the All Breed Club offers the National Owner Handled Series the USKBTC offers a Rosette for BOB NOHS.

USKBTC Standing Trophies: The USKBTC will supply the Host Club with a list of the standing trophies to be printed in the show catalog. The trophies may or may not be present at the event based on shipping costs, etc. The Board of Governors reserves the right to decline to pay the expense to ship the trophies as costs have greatly increased and the trophies have become fragile. Whether or not they are present, the name of the winner’s name will be duly engraved on the appropriate trophy. If the trophies are present at the Traveling Specialty, the Host Club for the previous year’s show will engrave the standing silver trophies with the winning dates and names and ship them to the next Host Club’s trophy chair. These expenses will be reimbursed by the USKBTC upon receipt of copies of the bills. These trophies are very expensive and not replaceable, so much care must be taken with them.

Engraved medallions: The USKBTC Club will provide large and small medallions to the host trophy chair as trophies. Only the BOB, WD, WB, BOS, and BOW medallions will be engraved with the designated award without date or show information. All unused medallions will be returned to the USKBTC Corresponding Secretary immediately following the show.

Rosettes: The USKBTC requests rosettes from the All-Breed club for major categories.

Dinner: Although a dinner after a Specialty is an excellent way to socialize with exhibitors and members of the Host Club, it is not required. If a Host Club chooses to arrange such an event, all costs shall be borne by the Host Club or attendees.


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