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This Kerry is in need of another ear pasting. Notice how one ear is held lower than the other.


After the ears are cleaned, take a cotton ball and coat the ear and the top of the skull, (all surfaces that will come in contact with glue), with tincture of benzoin. Let the benzoin dry thoroughly.


Place the glue in the number “7″ pattern, making sure the glue stays out of the ear canal, but does run along the desired fold line.


Fold the ear along the glue line, which should form a crease at the correct level for the size of the ear.


Press the ear leather together on the glue line, and hold it a few seconds until the glue sets.


You can see the fold line in this picture.


Place glue on the remaining inside tip of the ear and press the ear tip to the skull. The size of the ear will dictate how high on the skull the ear should be placed and the position of the fold.


You may want to glue the fold, near the crease line, (see index finger in the picture) back to the skull. Use a very thin line of glue here, because it will make it more difficult to remove later. Press fold line back to the skull and hold until glue sets.


When you have complete both ears, they should look something like this.

This is another graphic on how to paste a Kerry ears.  Another adhesive that works very well, drys quick, and contains no solvent is hair extension adhesive which can be bought at a beauty supply store.


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