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Can You Picture Yourself with a Kerry Blue?

By Reita Nicolson, Melanie Feldges and Deb Bednarek

(This article was originally published in JustTerriers magazine which is no longer in circulation. Thank you to the editors and staff members of the magazine for permission to publish this article in its entirety on the USKBTC website. It has been placed on the site in PDF format to retain the original formatting seen in the magazine.

Bred in County Kerry is true.
An Irish dog with the coat of blue.
A terrier in mind and body sound,
Well balanced in structure all around.
A dog to converse with Leprechauns t’is said.
Eyes sparkle with mischief inside his head!
To be owned by a Kerry is a blessing indeed.
A lifelong commitment is what he does need. . .

Click to read the full article in a PDF file. Can You Picture Yourself with a Kerry Blue?

Eventually, ten articles from the JustTerriers special KBT issue will be placed on this website. The titles of the articles follow.

  • “The Origin of the KBT”
  • “Early History of the KBT in the US”
  • “European Kerries”
  • “The KBT An Historical Overview”
  • “The State of Health of the KBT”
  • “The KBT in Performance Events”
  • “KBT Rescue”
  • “A Judge’s Perspective”
  • “Can You Picture Yourself with a Kerry Blue?”
  • “Herding with your KBT”


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