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Health & Genetics Communication Package
The health and welfare of the Kerry Blue Terrier is an ongoing concern for both owners and breeders. When both work collaboratively, the breed as a whole, benefits.   In order to encourage communication between breeder and owner, the Health & Genetics Committee of the USKBTC is providing forms for completion.

The following forms are now available:

Kennel Tracker
(kennel tracker.pdf)

A breeder can use this form, as a means of keeping in touch with owners and staying informed of the health of a dog/litter.

Breeders can send these out annually. (Many may choose to include them with a holiday greeting card.) The Kennel Tracker form is designed to be returned to the Breeder and is meant to help Breeders track the success of their breeding program. This type of information will help a Breeder to make informed breeding choices in the future.

Owners Alert

This short form allows an owner to alert a breeder to an acute or chronic problem they are having with their Kerry. This will alert the breeder to contact the owner, so that advise, support, and follow-up on the progress of the dog can easily be accomplished.

Email Options
If you would rather not use “snail mail,” please address all of the issues covered in the form letters and email the information to the interested party.

Future Plans
In the coming years, we will probably see many advances in canine health. It is our hope, that by working together, we can reap the benefits of the latest advances in canine research, through continued communication and data analysis.

Submitted by,
Gene Possidento, Chairman
The Health & Genetics Committee


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